District Leadership

Bro. Derrick Ivory
Bro. Derrick Ivory37th Tenth District Representative

Omicron Theta, 1991
Current Chapter: Nu Chi – E St. Louis, IL

Bro. Derrick Ivory is an accomplished production engineering leader in the automotive industry. Bro. Ivory serves as a regional outage manager; responsible for all facets of outage event preparation from start to finish, including outage schedule development, TFA/craft labor/tooling/cost planning, customer management – pre/post outage meetings, mobilization planning, execution, and event close out.

Meet Our Team

Bro. Sean T. Long
Bro. Sean T. Long1st Vice Tenth District Representative
Chi Lambda Lambda, 2009
Current Chapter:
Chi Lambda Lambda, Matteson, IL.
Bro. Ryan Thomas
Bro. Ryan Thomas2nd Vice Tenth District Representative
Sigma , 2020
Current Chapter:
Sigma, Michigan State Univ.
Bro. Marquis D.P. Sagnia
Bro. Marquis D.P. Sagnia10th District Keeper of Records and Seal
Nu Omega, 1997
Current Chapter:
Rho Mu Nu, Canton, MI
Bro. Melvin Thomas
Bro. Melvin Thomas 10th District Keeper of Finance
Zeta Epsilon, 1976
Current Chapter:
Zeta Phi, Indianapolis, IN
Bro. Richard Jones Sr.
Bro. Richard Jones Sr.10th District Counselor
Gamma Gamma Gamma, 2006
Current Chapter:
Gamma Gamma Gamma, Madison, Wisc.
Bro. Fred J. Saffold, III
Bro. Fred J. Saffold, III10th District Director of Public Relations
Phi Zeta, 1989
Current Chapter:
Tau Kappa Kappa Southfield, MI
Bro. Rev. Richard Keller
Bro. Rev. Richard Keller10th District Chaplain
Iota, 1971
Current Chapter:
Iota, Chicago, IL
Bro. Steven G. Watkins, Jr.
Bro. Steven G. Watkins, Jr.10th District Marshal
Rho Gamma Gamma, 1993
Current Chapter:
Rho Gamma Gamma, Chicago, IL
Bro. Darryl L. Jones
Bro. Darryl L. JonesImmediate Past 10th District Representative
Tau Kappa Kappa, 2001
Current Chapter:
Tau Kappa Kappa, Southfield, MI