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Talented Tenth District Omegas Support the Honorable Man Pledge

September 1, 2015



In Partnership with Fathers Incorporated and OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY, INC., under the leadership of 40th Grand Basileus, Brother Antonio F. Knox, Sr., OMEGA has once again assumed the lead position among the members of the Divine Nine in the effort to support the noble cause of advancing the interests and concerns of Black Fathers across America, through OMEGA’S endorsement of the Honorable Man Pledge.

The Honarable Man Pledge is a national campaign in conjunction with the upcoming 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March, scheduled to take place October 10, 2015, in Washington, D.C.  Our challenge, as Men of OMEGA, is to join in action with other Black Fathers throughout the United States and sign onto the Honorable Man Pledge, the aforementioned October 10, 2015 date.

The immediate goal is to reach, and exceed 20,000 Pledges by the October 10, 2015 date.  The long game regarding this goal is that the collection of 20,000 Honorable Man Pledges creates a national political platform, duly recognized by our federal government, that legitimizes the petitions and applications that this Fatherhood movement may prospectively promote.  In short, 20,000 signatures creates a force which decision-making institutions MUST acknowledge, consider and ultimately, in certain instances, are mandated to respond.

More particular to the Tenth District, our collective presence from Minnesota to Wisconsin, to Illinois, through Indiana, into Michigan, must resonate throughout the Fraternity.  The Tenth has to account for itself and be accountable to our families, communities, our beloved OMEGA, and these United States.

Go to to read more and to sign the Honorable Man Pledge.  To ensure that Tenth District participation is properly recorded, please enter Omega Psi Phi/10th D in the field labeled as “If Referred by a Friend”.

Local chapters brothers are encouraged to reach out beyond the walls of your chapter and get non-affliated Black Men engaged.  How?  Your other networks should receive this information and website.  Schools, churches, social, professional, fraternal…barber shop!  Wherever your influence and voice can reach over these next 40 days, bring the awareness to the Honorable Man Pledge.

Please feel free to email me at, if you have any questions regarding this most worthy endeavor.

Grace and Peace Always,

Brother Gregory C. Pittman Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Tenth District Manhood Committee Chair



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