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Tenth District History

District History

34th Grand Conclave – Dec. 27-30, 1947 Detroit, MI – Talented Tenth
(Founders : Hon. Bishop Edgar A. Love & Hon. Dr. Oscar J. Cooper, lt & rt center)

We are 'Talented'

The 10th District of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. refers to itself proudly as the “Talented Tenth”, a well-deserved title based on its Chapters' rich history and accomplishments. The 10th District boasts a legacy of excellence and advancement, with four of its most distinguished members having attended the University of Chicago: Founders Dr. Ernest Everett Just (1916), Professor Frank Coleman, Carter G. Woodson (1908), and Benjamin Mayes (1935).

Brother Woodson made significant contributions to Black history by establishing the Association for the Study of Life and History in 1915 at the Wabash Y in Chicago, which later became the precursor to Black History Month. The first meetings of Sigma Chapter (1921), one of the oldest chapters in the district, were held at the same location.

In addition to its founding members, the 10th District has a rich history of talented and accomplished members, including Roy Wilkins, Charter member of Xi Chapter, Miles Davis, Sr., Charter member of Sigma and Nu Chi Chapters, a respected dentist and father of legendary jazz musician Miles Davis, William Dehart Hubbard of Phi Chapter, and Jesse L. Jackson of Pi Psi Chapter. Each of these members has left their own unique imprint on the district and the fraternity as a whole.

The 10th District has unique character and distinction, and the Talented Tenth is proud to be a part of such a rich and storied legacy.

100 Year Oracle Cover

Omega Psi Phi Centennial Oracle Cover
Designed by Bro. Sean Long, Talented Tenth

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