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76th Tenth District Credential

Greeting Brothers of the Tenth District!

As you know our 76th District Convention will soon be upon us, which also means that it’s almost time for us to conduct our annual election of District Officers.  In order to make the process seamless and time efficient, an on-line Request for Credentials (Form-36A) is now available. It is very important that the Chapter KRS or Basileus submit an Form-36A for EACH voting member of their Chapter.  Along with the Chapter Basileus and Delegates, this will include any District Officers, State Representatives and District Committee Chairmen who are in their chapter. As a reminder, each Chapter will have three votes (1 Basileus and 2 Delegates).  If the Chapter Basileus holds a District position and will be voting as such, his Basileus vote for can NOT be substituted.

The deadline for submitting Form-36A is Friday, April 5, 2013.  Any requests submitted after the April 5th deadline will not be accepted.  In addition, there will be no on-site credentialing.  The form will be sent to the chapter OPPF email address.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at or (708) 256-4295.

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