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AALH – Kick-off Letter for 2012

August 26, 2012

RE: ΩΨΦ Tenth District AALH Committee Kick-off

Dear Brothers of the Talented Tenth District,

BLACK, BLACK, BLACK! Live it! BLACK, BLACK, BLACK! It’s a blessing to be BLACK and proud! Are you proud to be BLACK? Why would Omega not have a BLACK theme for the Achievement Week essay if we’re proud to be BLACK? Our legacy of BLACKNESS rests squarely upon our shoulders and only when we publicly carry this load will our children and their children be proud of us and themselves! What will be said of your BLACKNESS and support of BLACK people when you’re gone?

With your support and participation, here’s how we plan to continue living the BLACKNESS:

  1. Partake in the “QUEst for Blackness” contest; Every month (i.e. September through March) there will be four (4) questions, quotes, and/or life descriptions on the Tenth District website that you are to correctly identify (if you can) by emailing the individuals’ name, your name, and your financial chapter (with city and state) to the Committee Chairman ( by no later than the last day of that month; the chapter with the most correct answers (no duplications) from September through March wins a prize/gift;

  2. Correctly identify an oration, quote, life description, or skit by the Committee at the Tenth District Council Meeting/Tenth District Convention and win a prize/gift;

  3. Be the first to notify the Committee Chairman with all the correct individuals from the four (4) questions, quotes, and/or life descriptions enclosed in the AALH Committee final report and win a prize/gift;

  4. Attend the Annual Tenth District Essay Contest Awards Program on Thursday in the western suburbs of Chicago during the 2013 Tenth District Convention;

  5. Support the process of recording our Ω history so that white folks will not do it for us;

  6. Recommend a worthy community organization with an unquestioned BLACK focus and agenda to receive the Tenth District African-American Life & History Award.

ΩΨΦ is 365 days BLACK (366 days Black during Leap Year)! Unfortunately ignorance and stupidity is a part of each one of those days and we cannot afford to be silent about it!!!! Let your voice be heard!

Omega’s greatness depends on our ability to be BLACK, think from a BLACK perspective, and not continue to be afraid to admit that we are indeed unapologetically BLACK! Common sense to me!

In addition, you can support the committee by visiting the Tenth District website and provide the Committee Chairman with a list of buildings named on behalf of Omega Men and African American Museums in your respective city (inclusive of the correct mailing address and telephone number). Mu Xi QUES, we need your list ASAP!

May you continue to receive the Lord’s grace, mercy, and forgiveness. It is my hope that our motto, “Friendship is essential to the soul”, doesn’t continue being trumped by politics and selfishness!



Bro. Melvin M. Slater, Sr.

Tenth District African American Life and History Committee Chairman

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