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An Omega Spiritual Charge

An Omega Spiritual Charge from Your Immediate-Past District Chaplain – Bro. Alan Bacon

My good brothers; this will be my last opportunity to address you as your District Chaplain. Normally I would share with you words of hope and encouragement at this time, yet today; I come to you, offering to you a charge. A charge to continue embracing the biblical aspects of our four cardinal principles.

1) Our first Principle – MANOOD; The foundation, the start, the beginning,

<READ GEN. 1:26> We are made in the image of God, that is who we represent – The Supreme Basileus

Omega Men, act like men. How do men act? Men act Godly, Nobly, brotherly, friendly, Christ-like.

I charge you my brothers; to remember that we are real men, true men, standing strong for our eternal shrine

…now, on to our….

2) Second Principle – SCHOLARSHIP;

<READ II. Timothy 2:15> Having the spiritual awareness combined with the academic adeptness, the mental preparedness, the intellectual superiority to think nobly, with the mind of Christ.

Omega men use our minds to reason our way into and out of the circumstances and challenges that this life will confront us with; but remember we are facing just what other men have met; Scholarship is more than a tool you received in school; it is a mindset of superiority that will enable you to conquer all. I charge you my brothersto think nobly, and apply your God –given brilliance to illuminate the world in which you live.

Now brothers, allow me to share…..

3) Our Third Principle – PERSEVERANCE

<READ GAL.6:9>Quit, give in, give up, throw in the towel, surrender, bow down, bow out, back away, cut your losses, wave the white flag, call it a day, take your ball and go home, relinquish, resign, walk out, abandon, STOP! None of these words apply to AN OMEGA MAN – I charge you my brothers to – Go on, push on, carry on, press on, proceed, full steam ahead, advance, keep on keeping on, eyes front head high to the finish! Remember <Luke 1:37> – “For With God, NOTHING Shall Be Impossible”.

And finally….

4) Our Fourth Principle – UPLIFT

<READ James 4:10>As The Lord has lifted, is lifting, and will lift you my good Omega Brothers – I charge you to lift as you climb, teach as you learn, help as you heal, plant as you grow, and watch the Lord of Heaven pour blessings and favor upon you so abundantly that you will be proud and honored to hold OMEGA up and shine her light and uplift our brotherhood for all the world to see.   

Brothers I love you as I leave you today from the office of your Tenth District Chaplain; may you stay charged up and prayed up as you continue your walk for this great fraternity and the principles it holds so dear. God Bless you all and God Bless the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity.

District Chaplain, Alan K. Bacon, Sr. 4/22/2012


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