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Announcement for 2016 Golden Bridge Builders Program

The Tenth District Archives and History Committee proudly announces the 2016 Golden Bridge Builders Induction Program at the 79th Tenth District Convention in Merrillville, Indiana, April 21-April 24, 2016.

Brothers who will be celebrating their 50th year of service to Omega Psi Phi Fraternity during 2016 are eligible for induction at the Convention.  All eligible brothers please contact your chapter KRS to submit your paperwork to the Archives and History Committee.  The deadline date for submission is March 7, 2016.  All applications will to be sent to Brother Anthony Gibbs via the online application/registration.  The final 2016 induction list will be announced on April 5, 2016.  The induction ceremony will take place on Friday morning, April 22, 2016 at the first plenary session.  The Induction attire is Black suit, white shirt, and purple tie.

All past inductees and those to be inducted will have a separate Tenth District Convention Registration line.   The Golden Bridge Builders Agenda will be included in your registration packets.  Former inductees please wear your medallions throughout the weekend.

Brothers, please follow the Golden Bridge Builders protocol by:

  1. Letting them get on the elevators first.

  2. Be respectful around them when they are in your presence.

  3. Introduce yourselves to them.

  4. Golden Bridge Builders will have assigned seating.

  5. During the Convention photo Golden Bridge Builders will be seated in front along with the District Representative.

  6. Acknowledge them at each eating function.

This year we will have the Golden Bridge Builders Luncheon on Friday, April 22, 2016 instead of the breakfast.  All brothers are welcome to attend.  Tickets are available on the 79th Tenth District Registration site.  Please join us as we celebrate the Golden Bridge Builders Class of 2016


John H. Williams, Chair

Willie L. Lewis, Jr., Co-Chair

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