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District Appointments – 2/4/13

February 4, 2013

I am making the following appointments to the Tenth District Council: 

  1. Brother Sean Long is appointed the District Director of Public Relations. Brother Long is a member of Chi Lambda Lambda chapter and Director of Programming for Weigel Broadcasting (since 2003) overseeing 12 television stations in Chicago, Milwaukee and South Bend, Indiana. His background includes assignments as columnist, editor, publisher and programming which have led to him receiving two Emmy awards. Brother Long’s design was selected for the Fraternity’s Centennial Oracle cover and he serves as a Friendship Foundation board member.

  2. Brother E. Clyde Gray is appointed the Retention Committee Chairman. Brother Gray is a member of Nu Omega Chapter and a past Basileus.

  3. Brother Wayne Black is appointed the Assistant District Keeper of Records and Seal. Brother Black is a member of Upsilon Kappa Kappa Chapter and a past Basileus.

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