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Domestic Violence Newsletter


The men of the Talented Tenth District of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. are committed to prevent all forms of violence affecting the African-American community. To address domestic, sexual, and community violence, Omega men need to take an important first step by saying that all forms of violence are wrong, and that we need to mentor and teach each other the importance of healthy, non-violent relationships. Let us focus on strengthening families and to eliminating violence and abuse through education, intervention, advocacy, and community collaboration.

The Domestic Violence committee of the Tenth District is requesting that each chapter’s leadership designate a Domestic Violence Prevention Coordinator (DVPC) who shall be charged with developing and implementing programs and/or panel discussions to help prevent domestic violence, encourage the respect of our daughters, our sisters, our mothers, our aunts, our women, and promote nonviolent relationships. It is time for all of us to stand up and say no more! Click on this link to for some Q&A on how to start a Stop Domestic Violence Program in your community (Click Here).

To achieve this effort, it must start with us. We are asking for every brother of the Tenth District to take the Omega Anti-Violence Pledge (Click Here). As the leaders of our communities, we must stand in unison against violence. Each DVPC shall ensure chapter members sign and date the pledge and forward to the DVPC Chairperman, to be filed with the Tenth District Keeper of Records and Seal.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) and we are asking for each chapter to participate in some form of a domestic violence prevention program. This can be accomplished by collaborating with other chapters, organizations, etc. . .. To assist in program formatting, attached are guidelines for conducting a panel discussion (Click Here) or a Keynote speaker address (Click Here). In addition, included are Domestic Violence Fast Facts (Click Here). These will assist in devising areas of focus. This information is presented to assist if needed; it is not a mandated format. Please feel free to incorporate any creativity in conducting a domestic violence awareness program.

If you would like to join this committee or offer assistance, please contact me at: Fraternally, Brandon D. Lewis 1-05-Tau Kappa Kappa Tenth District Domestic Violence Chairman

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