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Fall 2010 Que-Mmunicator

Greetings Brothers of Omega Psi Phi!!!!

Today begins the production of another issue of Que-mmunicator, which is the e-newsletter covering all things Omega in the Talented Tenth District.

—- Brothers, at this time I have no update about a potential Fall 2010 Oracle. I will contact the brotherhood when more information is available. —-

~~~~ Make a submission today~~~~

Deadline: Close of Business: Wednesday (9/29/10)


In order to create the best newsletter we can, please submit your relevant information as soon as possible. Potential submissions should focus on either FRIENDSHIP or FRATERNITY. Fraternity articles are those articles that support the Mandated Programs, 10th District Offices, community service, or chapter functions/achievements. Friendship submissions are related to human interest, brotherly achievements, or timely invitations to fraternize.

Special Attention: Make a submission that supports the focus of this edition:

-Relevant 2010 Conclave Articles (pertinent to 10th District Brothers) -Relevant articles supporting our 10th District Fall Council Meeting (Oct. 23 / Madison, WI) -Articles covering Fraternity or Chapter events occurring June 2010 – September 2010 (Undergraduate & Graduate) -Upcoming Event Flyers –  Fraternity or Chapter Sponsored events occurring from Oct to Dec 2010 (.jpg or .pdf if possible) (Undergraduate & Graduate)

Send all information via email to me (Brother Browne) as a Word document. In addition, attach supporting print quality photos to that same email. Also, titling your email with your STATE + CHAPTER + ARTICLE SUBJECT is requested.

·         Example of how to title your email: MN – Epsilon Rho – Talent Hunt

Please make sure to send complete submissions (rather than just topic ideas or requests). When in doubt, please consult your local Chapter Reporter. A rule of thumb is to incorporate the 5w’s (who, what, when, where, why, and how) into your submissions. Please make sure all submissions are submitted on time and in an acceptable format. The District submission guidelines and rough publication dates for the Oracle are the following: be aware the dates are subject to change)

Brothers, it is also a good idea to leverage our social media outlets. If you are an avid FaceBook user, add myself ( and the district (Talented Tenth District Ques) and share relevant pictures and media that way.

Lastly, be advised that due to a limited amount of space, please limit your submissions to the BEST THREE ARTICLES from your chapter and remember there is the remote chance that your submission will not make the final edition.


Brother Robert “BJ” Browne, LM# 5995 10th District Director of PR

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. 4 – ’98 – Xi    |   Active w/ Epsilon Rho

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