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Fall Oracle & Fall Que-Munnicator – 2011 * Reminder *

Chapter Reporters, District Officers, and Brothers of the 10th District:

    – – – -> We are now accepting articles for the Fall Oracle & Fall Que-Munnicator 

 ~~~~ Make a submission today~~~~

Deadline: Close of Business: Tuesday (9/27/11)


Special Attention: Make a submission that supports the focus of this edition:

·      I’m looking for articles that highlight how Omega has changed or influenced the life of those we serve in our community.

·      I’m looking for chapters to tell the success story of someone they provided a scholarship to and that gift or award turned the recipient’s life around and they have now graduated and gone on to become a productive citizen who is now giving back to the community.

·      I’m looking for articles highlighting mentor/mentee relationships that have changed a young child’s life.

·      Relevant articles concerning or addressing the 100 year celebration this past July in Washington D.C. (pertinent to 10th District Brothers)

·      Articles covering Fraternity or Chapter events which occurred July 2011 – September 27, 2011 (Undergraduate & Graduate)

·      Upcoming Event Flyers –  Fraternity or Chapter Sponsored events occurring from Early Oct. to Dec 2011 (.jpg or .pdf if possible) (Undergraduate & Graduate)

The deadline for article submissions is September 27, 2011 for the Fall 2011 issues.

1.    Addressing Emails for Submission

Brothers, It would really expedite the logistics of design if you titled the subject line of your submission emails the following –  STATE + CHAPTER + ARTICLE SUBJECT

2.    Attaching Files and Pictures

I am also asking that the Brothers please use a constant naming convention with your Microsoft Word Files and associate photos. I am recommending the following:

i.    DATE_State_Chapter_Article.doc (or .docx)

ii.   DATE_State_Chapter_Article_1.jpg (only jpg or jpeg picture files)

Other comments on pictures – Pictures should be in jpeg format, at least 300 dpi resolution, and attached as a photo file to your email. Cell phone pictures are NOT ideal. Also please attach and send “high resolution” pictures with your article or your article may be excluded from the Oracle. Brothers please do not imbed photos into your WORD documents or send photos as Word files.

Other comments from the Editor to the Oracle:

·      Include photo captions in the associated WORD document. Identify individuals from left to right, and tell what, when and where of the photo.

·      Do not permit individuals to be photographed who are attired inappropriately and “throwing up the hooks” are not allowed.

·      There is a limit of two (2) photos per article.

3.    Guidance on article format

Regardless of the content of your article, all of your articles should look like the below:

Title of the Article or Event

Submitted by Brother John Doe

Minneapolis, MN – On July 4, 2011 Epsilon Rho had a BBQ. All the Brothers for Epsilon Rho and Xi Chapter came to the location and brought their families. There was over 300 people there and the young Brothers preformed a step show. A collection was taken during the event and a $500.00 scholarship was given.(EXAMPLE)

Please also note:

·      I highlighted that every word document needs to have the title, “Submitted by”, Location, and date.

·      Please limit your articles to 500 words or less– the article should address, who, what, when, where and brief details.

·      Combine several one-paragraph or very short articles into one succinct article from the chapter.

·      All articles must be reviewed for grammatical perfection, correct spelling, and proper syntax. They must be reviewed for acceptable composition and form.

·      A maximum of 3 articles per chapter will be allowed per publication/edition.

When in doubt, please consult your local Chapter Reporter. A rule of thumb is to incorporate the 5w’s (who, what, when, where, why, and how) into your submissions. Please make sure all submissions are submitted on time and in an acceptable format. The District submission guidelines and rough publication dates for the Oracle are the following (Please be aware the dates are subject to change) 

Thanks for your time Brothers


Brother Robert “BJ” Browne, LM# 5995

Talented Tenth District

District Director of Public Relations



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