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Leverage your local NAACP


Our great Fraternity has asked each of our chapter’s to maintain a life membership with the NAACP, and asks each brother to become individual members. Omega also mandates that we become engaged with Voter’s Registration, Education and Mobilization. To that end, I suggest you partner with the NAACP, becuase it specialized in Get out the vote (GOTV) initiatives.

With less than three weeks before the federal Voter’s registration deadline, this is the perfect time to launch voter’s registration drives in your respective cities. Please keep these registration deadlines in mind:

Michigan- Oct 4th Indiana-Oct 11th Wisconsin- 28 days before the General election Illinois-27 days before the General election Minnesota- will allow registration on election day with valid I.D.

The NAACP is encouraging its members to VOTE early if your state allows such a process. As leaders, I’m asking Omega men vote early for the sole purpose of being available to assist others on election day. Whether you work the election poles, or drive seniors to their sites-we NEED active Omega men on this day.

If there is no local NAACP branch in your city, I am available to share information on how to run a voter’s registration drive. I hope we count on the brothers of the Talented 10th?


Bro. Eugene Hawkins 10th District NAACP Support Chairman Greater Indianapolis NAACP, Treasurer

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