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MSP Memo and Updated MSP Forms

Brothers of the Tenth District,

Attached please find a memo that 

(1) Announces deadline dates for the Spring 2015 MSP Cycle; and 

(2) Outlines some changes to MSP documentation for the Form 1 and Form 105 package submissions.  These changes are effective immediately and are applicable beginning with the Spring 2015 MSP Cycle. 

Please note that all new and/or revised documents must be used for Form 1 and Form 105 submissions for the Spring 2015 MSP Cycle.  Note that chapters may begin to submit Form 1 packages on 1 December 2015.

You may obtain these documents from the Tenth District Website ( under District Forms.  Be advised that using old/outdated versions of forms may result in the cancellation of MSP privileges for the Spring 2015 MSP Cycle.


Kendall D. Franklin

Tenth District MSP Chairman

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