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QUEst for Blackness – December 2012 (Answers)

Please submit your answers to the Chair ( by the end of the month. Make sure you give your full name and your chapter.

QUEst #1: I was the first to be admitted membership in the National Press Club.

I provided the all white press with color with my Blackness, who am I?

ANS: Louis Lautier

QUEst #2:  I was the first Black to be issued the coveted Congressional Medal of Honor.

I was colored and although shot several times, I kept the colors flying high in more ways than one way, who am I?

ANS: William H. Carney

QUEst #3:  I am known as the father of the Underground Railroad. 

All aboard the Black express, who am I?

ANS: William Still

QUEst #4:   I was the first Black woman to be named a White House Fellow.

 Look out white boys, a sister is in the house! Who am I?

ANS: Barbara W. Hancock



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