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QUEst for Blackness – February 2012 (Answers)

QUEst for Blackness

(February 2012)

QUEst #1: I am one of Atlanta’s most prominent African American civil rights leaders, was the president and chief executive officer of the Atlanta Life Insurance Company. The first African American to be elected president of a chamber of commerce in a major city and a member of the board of directors for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. I am also an Omega Man.

It’s about Black business, who am I?

ANS: Jesse Hill

QUEst #2: I was a civil rights leader in Arkansas who helped desegregate the University of Arkansas School of Law and later filed suit against the Little Rock School Board in a case that went to the U.S. Supreme Court. My work to end legal segregation and inequality in Arkansas and the nation was well known in my time. I am also an Omega Man.

You can’t keep a Black man out, who am I?

ANS: Wiley Austin Branton

QUEst #3: I am an American lawyer, businessman and public servant. I was the first African-American Secretary of the Army. I am also an Omega Man.

I can bring it from a Black perspective, who am I?

ANS: Clifford Leopold Alexnader, Jr.

QUEst #4: I was a teacher, poet, writer, Professor Emeritus of Literature at Howard University, and a special foundation for folk culture and jazz music. It was Que Psi Phi until I died.

Blackness be the words from me to you. Who am I?

ANS: Sterling Allen Brown



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