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QUEst for Blackness – March 2012 (Answers)

QUEst for Blackness

(March 2012)

QUEst #1:  I may not have been able to write my name, but one thing for sure, I got tired of kneading and rolling that damn dough for white folks. I got so fed up that I invented a hand operated machine.

What are you doing with your education and talents? Are you helping many black people? No more sistas messing up their nails, who am I?

ANS: Judy Reed

QUEst #2:  I invented and patented a device in 1980 when women were being ignored. This futuristic invention extended the idea of television, with its images located flatly behind a screen, to having three dimensional projections appear as though they were right in your living room.

When you turn on your television, do you see me? Who am I?

ANS: Valerie Thomas

QUEst #3:  I became the first African American female to hold a patent for a software invention.

Everything doesn’t have to be hard to be impressive. Who am I?

ANS: Janet Emerson Bashen

QUEst #4:  I, a black woman, patented an improvement to the ironing board. My ironing board was designed to be effective in ironing the sleeves and bodies of ladies’ garments.

The next time you see a BLACK woman looking good in her clothes, think of me. Who am I?

ANS: Sarah Boone

QUEst #5 I am the inventor of personalized paper rings. I was issued a patent for a paper ring and a patent for a stationery organizer.

I’m tired of unorganized BLACK men, get your $#!+ together. Who am I?

ANS: Ruth J. Miro



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