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QUEst for Blackness – March 2013

Please submit your answers to the Chair ( by the end of the month.  Make sure you give your full name and your chapter.

QUEst #1: I was outstanding in the field of education and banking. I was born in Georgia prior to the Civil War. I attended the newly established Atlanta University and upon graduation, entered the field of education to help eradicate illiteracy among the freed men of Georgia. I later founded Savannah State College. Following retirement from Savannah State, I organized the Citizens and Southern Bank and Trust Company.

Is Omega eradicating illiteracy among Black people or causing it? Prove it!

Who am I?

QUEst #2: I was an eminent sociologist and president of Fisk University. My writings covered the sociological aspects of the African American from the rural areas to the urban centers. I was one of 20 American educators selected to advise on the reorganization of Japan in 1946.

Why are Omega men more comfortable with ignorance and mediocrity than an education?  Who am I?

QUEst #3: I was the first African American elected to the U. S. Congress from Virginia. I was born of a slave mother and a plantation master who made liberal provisions for his children.

How many Omega men are actually taking care of their children?  Who am I?

QUEst #4: I, along with a white gentleman, began the fight against exclusion of African Americans from Boston schools in 1849. Although our test case lost, Massachusetts passed a law in 1855 which admitted African Americans into the public school system.

Why are the Ques not fighting for a quality education for their BLACK children?  Who am I?


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