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QUEst for Blackness – November 2013 (Answers)

Please submit your answers to the Chair ( by the end of the month.  Make sure you give your full name and your chapter.

QUEst #1:  “Any institution that has existed for a quarter of a century has made history. The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity has gone beyond that mark, and during this time has caused more than six thousand college men to pledge themselves to lives of noblest ideals. Youths in their ‘teens, men in their twenties and thirties, men in middle life, and some beyond this period, attracted by the Omega program, have joined their hands, their minds and their hearts in persistent and heroic efforts to realize these ideals. Those who were just men of promise and those who were of distinguished careers joined this marching army: ministers and physicians, teachers and lawyers, dentists and pharmacists, business men and civil engineers, musicians and actors, orators and statesmen, soldiers and architects, and hosts of others. Certainly a group of leaders like these united for creative action would make interesting history in America or anywhere else.”

“America needs to know how Negro youth, circumscribed in many ways, would aspire to be the first to establish at a Negro institution of higher learning a national Greek-letter fraternity. America needs to know of their vision, their faith and their courage. America needs to know how they thought and built.”

Are you a brother of noblest ideals, who am I?

QUEst #2:  “Brothers of Omega! The first issue of the Fraternity Bulletin greets you and declares itself. It is the purpose of this more or less informal periodical to keep Omega men informed of the work of Omega. It is meant to be read only by members of the Fraternity, and for that reason will contain from time to time matter which should not be permitted to reach outsiders. Each brother is expected, therefore, to guard the Bulletin, and whatever matter may be contained therein, as closely as he does other secrets of the Fraternity… Remember, however, that this is your periodical, especially meant to spread matter peculiarly of Fraternity interest, and your contributions are expected rather than merely solicited.”

Are you contributing to Omega or simply leaning on the shield, who am I?

QUEst #3:  These words were spoken of me: “For twenty years he never deceived me. He did not cheat. He was no chiseler. He was reliable. He was honest. He was loyal. He was consistent. His integrity was second to no man’s. In all the qualities that go to make up character he was a thoroughly genuine man. He was my friend and pal.”

I exemplified the aims and ideals of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity! Do you, who am I?

QUEst #4:  “The history of the achievement of organized effort shows clearly the indispensability of business system. Before we can begin to put over any really big program, we must thoroughly organize the business side of the Fraternity…”

Is our business in order, who am I?

QUEst #5:  “These times demand clean men, of clear vision, of straight thinking, of unselfish doing. And every Omega man must accept this challenge. Out of groups like ours, men who know and feel to the utmost Fidelity, Liberty and Fraternity, must come to the world absolution. Only by the bonds of brotherhood, stronger than life or death, which shall grip harder and more securely as ever greater numbers feel the tie, shall the world at last stand unfettered of evil, because chained in real fraternity.”

I said it, who am I?

QUEst #6:  “Important motivators for joining an organization of men are the friendship and mutual respect among the members, and I saw these characteristics in casual situations, in organized social occasions and on a one-on-one basis as well. I respected these men and having them as neighbors made it even better. While I saw the examples my friends evinced, I experienced a larger view while traveling through the South with Wendell Alston, also an Omega man. Wherever we traveled in segregated areas and needed accommodations, Omega men helped provide. If we needed contacts, Omega men helped provide them. No matter the occasion or the need, all Wendell had to do was to call his Omega brothers. It was a network of college men linked by a bond of friendship, mutual interests, and mutual respect. I liked this common interest among men and the idea of an unbreakable bond of friendship. I loved the idea of using talents and advanced training to help the less fortunate, to motivate others to attain higher goals in education, and to make a positive difference in a community. I was already trying to do this in my community life and here was an organization of men who had similar ideals of citizenship.”

 I loved being a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and showed it! How are you showing your love for her, who am I?


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