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Social Action Packets for Fiscal Year 2015 – Due 2/23/2016

Brothers of the Talented Tenth District,

here is the Social Action Packet for you to fill out and a sample packet (Click Here for the Example Template) to help you if necessary. 

Remember, this is a fill able document (Click Here for the Packet). All packets must be turned in on or before February 23, 2016.  No late packets will be graded. Please follow the instructions in the packet.   

Make sure you send a DVD copy to each committee member and a DVD and a Booklet to the committee chairman, Michael Ward, as per the instructions.  Also, remember, brothers, that we will have a suit drive at the District Convention.  More information on the suit drive will be forthcoming.  

Any questions or concerns contact me, Michael Ward at Fraternally, Brother Michael Ward Tenth District Social Action Committee

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