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Achievement Week Chair Updates

In the process of finalizing the 10th District Achievement Week Committee.  The committee will consist of Graduate and Undergraduate representation from across all states encompassing the 10th   District.  Once finalized, we will roll out a process for the next cycle surrounding Achievement Week. I have been in contact with the International Chairman, Brother Greg Burnett as well as the International Achievement Week Committee.  We were tasked with reviewing submissions for International Recognition during the International Undergraduate Summit in Kansas City.  Unfortunately, the 10th District did not receive any awards on the International Level.  3rd District received 5 of the 10 awards, 2nd District received 2 awards, 6th District received 2 awards, and the 7th District received Undergraduate Chapter of the Year.  My oath is that we will be competitive moving forward.   All I require is Buy-In from the respective Graduate and Undergraduate Chapters.  If anyone would like to be on the District Achievement Week Committee, please contact me at 618 593 0013 or  I welcome you…. More information to come and let’s go to work!  It’s our oath and obligation!!!  Please plan now for the 2012/2013 cycle year submissions.  November 2012 through October 2013.  I fully expect Undergraduates to be ready on all levels.  Call me! I’m here to serve!!!

(Click Here for the National Essay Awards 2012) Fraternally, Brother DeJuan Lockhart Tenth District Achievement Week Chairman  

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