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Professional Network Development Chair Updates

Professional Network Development Entrepreneur Program

Mission: Develop entrepreneurs within the fraternity, to enhance membership, and to improve business relationships in the community and fraternity.

Vision: For members of the fraternity and community to obtain knowledge and skills to increase their financial worth and become financially independent.

Demonstration: (1) Help produce employment for undergraduate and graduate brothers (2) Develop and improve financial opportunity for the district and chapters (3) Complete business directory for the district (4) Business and entrepreneur development training (5) Advance recognition for personal and business development in the district

Participation: (1) Job fair (2) Entrepreneur Award Contest (3) Professional Network Development Entrepreneur 4 Business Freedom Workshops (4) Omega 20k Purple and Gold Pages (5) Business Opportunity Meeting

Celebration: (1) Register to attend job fair at fall conference/district (2) Complete business directory information sheet (3) Register and compete in Professional Network Development Entrepreneur Contest (4) Register and attend Professional Network Development Entrepreneur Business Freedom Workshop (5) Recommend organization and companies for fraternity to build a relationship with and develop a network program

Professional Network Development Entrepreneur Contest

1) Enter for a chance to win a first place, second place, third place, and fourth place award presented to you at districts

2) Possible chance to win a professional network development scholarship to be applied to business expense subject to district budget availability

3) Participation will consist on a business in the creative stage 0-5 years or active stage 6 years or more

4) Submission consist of a type written proposal and business game plan submitted by Deadline April 1, 2013 and Evaluation Date April 5, 2013 to PND Chair by email: and a maximum 10 minute phone presentation – Proposal and Business Game Plan Contents Are:

• Name of Business

• Type of Business (Profit, Non-Profit, etc…)

• Stage of Business Creative or Active

• Marketing Plan

• Budget and Income Plan

• Training Plan • Goal (Why) Personal and Business Outcome.


Fahim “Stimp” Muhammad Talented Tenth District  Professional Network Development Chair



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