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QUEst for Blackness – January 2014 (Answers)

Please submit your answers to the Chair ( by the end of the month.  Make sure you give your full name and your chapter.

QUEst #1:  I made medical history with a successful operation to separate a pair of Siamese twins.

My Blackness gets inside your head, who am I? Omega Men what are you putting in the heads of our BLACK boys?

ANS: Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson ~ Source:

QUEst #2:  I was known as one of the greatest hitters in baseball and called the Black Babe Ruth. I never played in Major League Baseball because, under their unwritten “gentleman’s agreement” policy, they excluded non-whites during my lifetime.

I’m a Black man with a big stick and used it well, who am I? 

ANS: Josh Gibson ~ Source:

QUEst #3:  I was an eighteenth and nineteenth century classical violinist perhaps now best remembered for my association with Ludwig von Beethoven, who composed his Kreutzer Sonata for me. Beethoven personally performed the sonata with me.

I got that classical Black funk for you, who am I? 

QUEst #4:   The United States Supreme Court ruled seven to two against me, finding that neither I, nor any person of African ancestry, could claim citizenship in the United States.

Well I’ll be damn; does a Black Man have any rights? What rights are the Ques demanding and standing up for? Who am I?

ANS: Dred Scott ~ Source:

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