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QUEst for Blackness – March 2014 (Answers)

Please submit your answers to the Chair ( by the end of the month.  Make sure you give your full name and your chapter.

QUEst #1: After graduating, I began working with injured World War II amputees. While I worked at helping my patients regain their independence, I found that eating was the most difficult task for them to manage by themselves. In response to my patients’ difficulty, I invented and patented a device to assist them. The device could be used while lying down or sitting up.

A Black woman can invent something for the benefit of humankind, who am I?

QUEst #2:  During the late 1980s I became a popular figure in international track and field due to my record-setting performances and flashy personal style. Not to say, I looked damn good and every man wanted me, but I they couldn’t catch me. I still hold records.

Left you in a cloud of Black dust, who am I?

ANS: Florence Griffith-Joyner Source:

QUEst #3:  I became the first Black woman in America to earn papers to get all up in your mouth. I established a very successful private practice. It was reported that a newspaper editor said of me, “her blushing, winning ways makes you feel like finding an extra tooth anyway to allow her to pull.”

I’m the Black tooth fairy, who am I?

QUEst #4:  It was my tenacity and loyalty that earned me the title “Mother of the Nation”. Rumors surfaced when it was said that many governmental informers were ordered by me to death by “necklacing”.

Blackness, either you’re for it or against it. How many so called Omega Men should have a necklace? Who am I?


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