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Scholarship 2012

Brothers of the ‘Talented’ Tenth District, et al.:

Black History Month greetings!!!!

On behalf of your astute Scholarship Committee, please find attached salient documents to aid you in applying for Tenth District and Charles R. Drew Memorial Scholarship Commission (CRDMSC; henceforth Commission) scholarship/fellowship awards. We’re hopeful that you will find the recently updated online CRDMSC Scholarship Guidelines (Click Here for Guidelines) and application (Click Here for CRDMSC Application) helpful for efficiently completing your application. Please read all materials carefully. For additional information, see:

The Tenth District Representatives’ Graduate Scholar of the Year application is attached (Click Here to Download) and should be completed only by graduate or professional school Brother scholars within the District.  (Click Here for Scholarship Tips)

Should questions arise from any information contain herein, please feel free to contact me at the email address and/or telephone numbers noted within the documents. Finally, the Committee wishes you Supreme Basileus speed and best blessings on completing your application. Application materials must be postmarked before or no later than Monday, 2 April 2012 and mail to the above P.O. Box.

In Scholarship We Must, Bro. Ghangis D. Carter (2-93-Zeta Rho) Scholarship Chairman



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