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Tenth District Retention Letter FY2010-2011

Greetings Brothers of the Talented 10th District, As we prepare to celebrate the 99th Year of our illustrious organization, it is as important as ever that we maintain our members and grow the fraternity not only through recruitment, but retention & reclamation as well. I am sending this letter as a invitation, if not simply a reminder, to the brothers to get their membership dues squared away with a local chapter as soon as possible for Fiscal Year 2010-2011.  By retaining the members we have, once we reclaim our unaffiliated brothers and regain their financial and active status within our ranks, we will grow our fraternity, thus working toward the potential that we as Omega men had laid out for us from the founding days of this great organization. Chapter Basileis and KRS, I am asking for you all to print/e-mail this letter to disseminate it among not only your current financial members, but the chapter’s circle of non-financial brothers to help with both, the district’s retention and reclamation efforts.  Brothers of the Talented Tenth, I am asking for your help as well, in disseminating this letter to your circle of brethren. The Tenth District could be a major influence in the Great Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. if we just come together as BROTHERS, maintain our rosters, follow the vision of our Founders, and get those good brothers who are un-financial to come back and become active financial members of our chapters.  I will be in attendance at the Fall Council meeting in Madison, Wisconsin this upcoming weekend to answer any questions or address any concerns in reference to the retention our brothers and how this can help Omega make great strides.  If you are unable to attend Fall Council please feel free to contact me through e-mail,     Thank you!!! May God bless you and your families!!! Fraternally, Bro. Lloyd M. Stallings, Jr. Mu Xi Chapter The “Talented” Tenth District Tenth District Retention Chairman



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