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Undergraduate Retention Form

Greetings Brothers:

Our undergraduate brothers will soon be leaving their college campuses for various reasons, i.e. graduation, summer employment, etc.  We still expect the undergraduate brothers to remain active with Omega Psi Phi fraternity, Inc.  For those brothers who are graduating, we expect them to transition to a Graduate Chapter right away.  With that said, I am requesting every Tenth District Graduate Chapter to inform the District Keeper of Records and Seal and me by May 1, 2014, 5:00 p.m. of the following:  Chapter Basileus and KRS names, email addresses, and telephone numbers; chapter meeting information (location, day(s) of the month and time).  Please utilize the form in the attached link to provide the information.  This form should only be submitted by the Chapter Basileus or KRS.

Upon receipt of the above requested information, we will disseminate the same via the Tenth District web site with a direction to each Tenth District undergraduate/graduating brother residing within the Tenth District to visit at least one Graduate Chapter during the summer months.  The vision is that undergraduate/graduating brothers will be encouraged to join a Graduate Chapter immediately upon graduation.  

There are undergraduate brothers currently in school throughout the United States and abroad who consider one of the Tenth District states their permanent home.  I will, therefore, disseminate the above requested information to each District Representative requesting that each District Representative provide the information to their undergraduate brothers.  

Retention is the goal here.

Graduate Chapters must do all they can do to encourage this transition.  I cannot think of a more effective way to retain our younger brothers. I welcome any feedback to this correspondence.


Brother Steven G. Watkins Tenth District Representative



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